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Lab Result Notification MT32

A guide for ManageMyHealth Lab Result Notifications under MT32.

Lab Result Notification Evolution

A guide for lab result notifications on ManageMyHealth on Evolution.

Group Messaging

A guide on sending group messages to patients through ManageMyHealth.

Enabling Online Payments

A guide on how to enable online payments through ManageMyHealth.

Editing your Terms and Conditions

A guide on how to edit your terms and conditions via ManageMyHealth.

Editing the Patient Registration Template

A guide on editing a patients registration template.

Changing a Patients Email Address

A guide on how to change patients email addresses from within the Patient Registration form.

Appointment Settings

This feature allows practices to configure the ManageMyHealth online appointments

Appointment Message

This feature allows practices to create a banner message to patients when they’re booking an appointment online.

Portal guidance for Practices FINAL

Guidance for portal usage for practices

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