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Telehealth 2 Day Workshop

AI and the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs)

Thinking about privacy is vital if you are going to use artificial intelligence (AI) tools well. Read the Privacy Commissioner on their guidance on Artificial Intelligence and the IPPs


Recorded Webinar NZ Telehealth – When the Microphone is on

Watch this discussion where experts delve into the intricacies of video/audio recordings of telehealth consultations, and cover why, what and when to record (or not), to who could/should record.

Recorded Webinar NZ Telehealth Forum – AI and Telehealth

Watch this is a highly Topical webinar on the progressive use of AI and the role it plays in an ever-changing landscape of healthcare.

The first bit of advice on AI from Te Whatu Ora is not to use Large Language Models (LLM) for clinical decisions. Presumably, this also covers the use of Nabla which uses an LLM application programming interface to generate clinic notes and appears to be in use in New Zealand.

Gore Medical Centre Phone Call Pathway – Booking patients to the Triage Service

Gore Medical Centre's takes a team-wide approach with Clinical Triage. Click here to see the phone call pathway when a patient is being referred to the Clinical Triage service.

Health Information Security Framework 2022

The HISO 10029:2023 Health Information Security Framework is the latest edition, designed for the reshaped operating environment introduced by the 2022 health reforms. The Framework is a set of materials published to guide the New Zealand health sector in the secure use and management of health information and information technology.

Strengthen Your Digital Defence

A Guide to Cyber Security Incident Response for New Zealand Primary Health Sector

Recorded Webinar NZ Telehealth Forum – Security and Privacy

This webinar is a roundtable discussion with leaders and experience professional about the importance of security and privacy in the telehealth setting and how we can practically implement measures to keep patients safe and data secure. Moderated by Scott Arrol (Chief Executive - Moto Neurone Disease NZ) 

Enhancing Primary Care GP Triage Video

Video by Pukekohe Family Health Care on assisting patients getting the access where they need it. 

GP Triage Messaging – Patient Information

GP Triage messaging - Patient Information

Key information for patient when introducing GP/Clinical Triage at your practice.

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