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Benefits of Video Consultations

Credit: Procare NZ

ManageMyHealth Webinar – Refresher for Whanganui Healthcare Home Practices

Refresher Training Video

Video Consultation Settings

A guide on changing video consultation settings through ManageMyHealth.

Usage Reports

A guide on usage reports within ManageMyHealth.

Updating the Patient Demographics

A guide on how to update patient demographics on ManageMyHealth.

Suspending and Re-registering a Patient

A guide on how to suspend and re-register a patient in ManageMyHealth.

Setting Up Phone Appointments

A guide to setting up phone appoints through ManageMyHealth.

Secure Mail and Messaging MT32

A guide on using the secure mail and messaging function within ManageMyHealth, for MT32.

Secure Mail and Messaging Evolution

A guide on securely using the mail and messaging functions within ManageMyHealth,  for Evolution.

Resetting the Upload

A guide on resetting the upload in ManageMyHealth.

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